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Cost Savings & Return-on-Investment

In 2018, Virginia Green’s 1800+ partners recycled/diverted 30,000+ tons of trash from landfill and reduced water use by 1.3 billion gallons.  They reduced electricity use by 400 million kwh & natural gas use by 1.6 tcf which resulted in 320 million pounds reduced CO2 emissions.  And the beautiful thing is that ALL of these environmental achievements are tied to cost savings – to the tune of $60 million in cost savings achieved annually

 The Virginia Green program is a voluntary program and it does not require its partners to implement specific technologies or practices.  We understand the financial realities of our partners.  However, we encourage our partners to actively consider ROI in all aspects of their operations.  Be aware of opportunity costs and potential ROI.  When it is time to replace any piece of equipment, that is the best time to consider upgrading to the latest and most environmentally beneficial solution. 

 ROI Through Increased Sales & Patronage

  • Traveling Consumers 

Sustainable Travel is identified in countless publications and surveys as one of the most important factors to consumers.  1 recent study conducted by Hilton indicated that 33% of all travelers overall were actively seeking accommodations that were committed to sustainability; and for younger travelers, those trends were much higher.  Additionally, many businesses now have travel policies that encourage their employees to search for green-certified accommodations while traveling for business.

The Virginia Green Certification is a clear demonstration of this commitment and is driving increased overnight stays.

  • Green Meetings Business

Most government agencies and aligned organizations now have requirements to have Green Meetings.  Additionally, most corporations now have some sort of sustainability-focused program or initiative, and having a green meeting or conference is an easy way to help demonstrate that corporate focus.  Conversely, a “non-green” meeting can be an embarrassment for such organizations.     

The Virginia Green Certification for Conferences / Convention Centers provides initial qualification for sales RFP’s that include green meetings requirements.